Fact Box

Republic of Moldova

Independence   27th of August 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
Capital   Chișinău
Official language(s)   Moldovan, (=Romanian/official language), Russian, Ukrainian, languages of the minorities
Government   Parliamentary republic
President   Nicolae Timofti
Prime Minister   Vlad Filat
Area   33.843 km² (incl. Transnistria)
Population   3.560.000 (1st of January 2011)[2]
Rank in Human Development Index   111 (compare: Austria: 19)
Average life expectancy   69,3 years (comp.: A: 80,9 years)
Per capita income   3.058,- $ (comp.: A: 35.719,- $)


Illegal immigration(-attempts) of Moldovans into Austria

  2011 2010 2009
Arrested traffickers 3 4  
Arrested immigrants 37 80  
Others without legal documents 181 182  
Total arrested/deported persons without legal documents 221 266 384


Applications for residency (Status: May 2012)

Initial Applications: 38
Applications for Extension: 155
Change of Purpose Applications: 3


Sibylle Hamann: Clean Services – A Report

We get paid staff to help, babysitters, nurses, janitors. People who take physically necessary burdens off our shoulders, and also some of the emotional closeness that we can no longer pull off: the new servants. We do it secretly, and we are embarrassed by it. But we can keep up living lies that are dear to us, although they can no longer be maintained. These services are usually provided in the private semi-darkness of families, but there is no reason to turn them into secrets. Who are these "service providers" who we trust with our keys, where do they come from, how do they live? Their importance must be dragged into the bright light of publicity and find its way into the socio-political debate. Only then can the people who do the job expect respect and recognition. The journalist Sibylle Hamann launched an experiment on herself and went cleaning with a false identity. In her fascinating report she relentlessly shines a light on the dirty secrets of an industry full of lies and shame, without which our society cannot exist.

Sibylle Hamann studied political sciences in Vienna, Berlin and Beijing. From 1990-1995 she worked for the overseas department of the daily newspaper "Kurier", from 1995-2007 as an editor at the weekly magazine "profil". Her research led her on extended journeys through Africa, Japan and the USA as well as into crisis areas in the East and West. In 1999/2000 and 2004 she worked as a correspondent in New York. For her investigative reports she has received many awards: Journalist of the Year in the field of foreign policy (2006), Theodor Herzl Lectureship for the Poetics of Journalism at the University of Vienna (2006), Medienlöwin (2007), Award of the EU Year Against Poverty and Exclusion (2010), Concordia Award for Human Rights (2010), MiA Award (2011). Sibylle Hamann is a columnist for the daily newspaper "Die Presse”, a regular contributor to the weekly newspaper" Falter" and editor-in-chief of "Liga. Journal for Human Rights." She is a lecturer at the School of Journalism in Vienna, author of many books, presenter and lecturer, as well as (along with Eva Linsinger) author of “Weißbuch Frauen/Schwarzbuch Männer“ (awarded the title Best Scientific Book of the Year 2009).