Action Mama Legal

Mag. Corinna Pummer (educational expert, founder and chairperson of Aufwind an association in the promotion of the youth), Paul Japek, Lucia Metzbauer, Andreea Danescu, Antonija Wieser.

We are a highly motivated group of young and dynamic people who met at the European Forum Alpbach 2012 (EFA12). After having heard from and shared with various experts from all over Europe our experiences and our knowledge, we decided to finally take some action to put the precious information and contents into real practice.

Having met Eduard Moschitz at his presentation of the documentary “Mama Illegal” at EFA12 we introduced the idea of immediately starting a project to improve the situation of women, young people and families in Moldova.

We are convinced that every one of us privileged people has the responsibility to make the world a better place. Therefore we want to show our solidarity to victims of Moldova to find together a sustainable solution for a better life.

Action Mama Legal will be hosted and supported by the Austrian NGO “Aufwind” (, but stands totally independent with an own team. We are using synergies and looking for further cooperation opportunities with other NGOs or companies to make the Action a sustainable Action.

Situation of Moldavian Families (reference: Mama Illegal):
Because of unstable economic conditions, 1,5 Million women left (illegally) over the last decade their country to be able to work in the service of people in western European countries. They leave their families, children and husbands behind to work under harsh conditions and safe money for a better life back at home. A whole generation grows up without even knowing their mothers. Most of them are highly traumatized, because they grow up in those severe circumstances, missing and longing for their mothers.
Children whose parents are working abroad cannot develop in a suitable way. They sometimes drop out of school, because there is no money to buy school materials, clothing or food.

This has a dramatic and negative influence on children´s development and lives. As the family is an important basis for a healthy development of children, those young people who grow-up for many years without their mothers suffer from different illnesses (both physically and psychologically) Children as seen in the documentary can´t concentrate in school, are in permanent sorrow, can´t develop a necessary self-esteem, don´t learn social skills and can´t develop a healthy and resilient personality to encounter future challenges in their lives.

The film “Mama Illegal” shows perfectly the violations against basic human rights:

With the ACTION MAMA LEGAL we want to promote HUMAN RIGHTS, especially those of families and the youth. We want to enforce and reach human dignity for those people and empower them to be able to have a better future.
In order to save children from becoming victims of human trafficking, to provide them a good professional aid, to protect them in various ways and to assure a healthy development, we felt the urgent need to do something about that situation!!!


Short-term targets
As we need to quickly react to be able to help and improve the lives of the mother-less youth in Moldova, we first want to fundraise money to be able to provide them professional psychological and personal assistance and counseling. It is important to raise their self-esteem, encourage them and empower them in a holistic way and enforce them through our solidarity.

Our role

Long-term targets
We are highly convinced, that above mentioned strategies are not going to tackle the problem at its raises. Therefore we intend to undertake further actions and cooperation with companies on site to create more perspectives for the people within their own country. It is necessary to develop the regions and start self-sustaining (youth-) projects.

We therefore kindly address all kind of supporters (private personas as well as NGOs, companies and governments) to show their solidarity by helping us creating perspectives for the protagonists in Moldova!