Writer, Director   Ed Moschitz
Producers   Arash T. Riahi & Michael Seeber
Cinematography   2011 Sandra Merseburger
2011 Dominik Spritzendorfer
2004/2005 Michael Svec
2009/2010 Michael Schindegger
2005 Manfred Aistleitner
2008 Robert Holzinger
Editing   Theatrical Version: Alexandra Löwy
TV Version: Cordula Werner
Music   Zdob şi Zdub
Archive Footage   ORF


Production Company   Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices
Booking & Billing   Polyfilm Verleih - Stefanie Stejskal
Premiere Organization & Marketing   Dr. Peter Drössler
Mag. Petra Popovic


Ed Moschitz

Born in 1968 in Judenburg, Styria, he began his journalistic career with the first freelance work for Südwind Magazine, Falter and Die Presse in 1994 while still studying.

Since 1996 he has been working for the ORF, first as an editor for FM4, soon after for the culture radio station Ö1. In 1998 he moved on to television, into the editorial department of "Am Schauplatz". Ever since he has been working as reporter, editor and designer of now 100 programs.

One of these programs, "Village Without Mothers," would not let Ed Moschitz go. Since 2004, he has visited the women portrayed in this feature again and again. Now the result of this year-long journalistic relationship comes to the theaters as the documentary "Mama Illegal".

Ed Moschitz, since 2005 also university lecturer for "Television News" for the Masters Course for quality journalism at the University of Krems, has two children and lives in Vienna.


Awards Ed Moschitz

2012   Grand Prize at “One World Film Festival“ Brussels (for Mama Illegal)
2011   43. TV Award for Adult Education “Category Documentary“
(for Am rechten Rand).
2011   Journalist Award Hilfswerk Austria “Category TV“
(for Die Angstmacher).
2011   Nomination for the “Dr. Karl Renner“ Journalist Award.
2009   Media Award Hilfswerk Austria (for Alles Paletti).
2008   Honorary award with grant by “Cinestyria“
(for directing Mama Illegal).
2005   “International Media Award Davos“
2004   “Leopold Ungar“ Media Award by Caritas
(for Dorf ohne Mütter, the TV program Mama Illegal is based upon.).